Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Sprouts~ Unboxing

Sooo… You might notice that it’s been nearly 3 years since I wrote a blog entry.  Our family has experienced a lot of changes since then.  In a nutshell, I changed my day job (I’m the CMQO & a Hospitalist at St. Alexius Medical Center), we moved to Bismarck (but also kept our Hettinger home), we transitioned our quilt shop to online only, we sold our quilt store building, Matthew’s a thriving fifth grader, Welsey runs Dakota Cabin Quilts from our Bismarck home, and I’m almost half way thru my Master’s Degree in Clinical Informatics.  

Whew! Its been a busy three years!

But… through it all, sewing has kept me centered.  It is a precious gift when I have a few uninterrupted hours to stitch.  Coming soon, I'll show you a pic of my Bismarck sewing room.  But, first, I have to pick it up a little bit.  

I’ve been working on a lot of UFOs, and have a few other new projects in various stages of completion. And, when I’m not dreaming about the hospital or my college assignments, I’m dreaming about fabric.

So, speaking of fabric dreams… about 2 months ago, I was checking out the Moda website, and noticed Edyta Sitar’s “Spring Sprouts” quilt kit.  Such a pretty little quilt… I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Every time I closed my eyes, I saw this quilt!

Spring Sprouts, by Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts)

Finally, I told Wes about my obsession… and, he said, “Laura, I have two of those kits already!  I just haven’t had time to put them on our website.”

Hooray!  Heaven.  The kits were in our home/shop.  And, the fabrics were just as pretty in real life as they were in my dreams. 

But, what about the kits on the Moda website?  Well… I talked Wesley into buying them.  All of them. Twelve more!  (Three sold already… but, we do have nine left). 

And, I’m going to blog about my Spring Sprout stitching adventure.  This will be my first time working with the LBQ Silhouettes (laser cut, pre-fused applique pieces), and I’m thinking I’m going to love them.  I’ll be sure to share my tips with you once I get started.

Wesley is a little bit anxious about those nine remaining kits.  Please help prove me right… I promised him they would sell.  To make it easier, I talked him into giving you 30% off the quilt kit (including backing), and $6.00 off the optional coordinating thread pack. 

You can purchase your own "Spring Sprouts Kit" by clicking here

And, now, for the good stuff…

First... even the box is pretty,  adorned with one of the appliqué designs:

Next, the contents: 2 Dancing in the Rain batik charm packs, the patterns, and...

The fabrics... I think this photo speaks for itself!  The background fabrics are scrappy batiks, and the charm packs for the stars.

Laser cut, pre-fused batik appliqué pieces, neatly packaged and labelled, block by block...

A single page of the pattern, showing the Silhouettes on the placement sheet...

Finally, the Over the Rainbow Aurifil Thread Pack, for machine appliqué. I don't need the thread pack (you'll see why in the next blog entry.) 

The silhouette instructions. Easy enough, right?

Coming soon... I'll make Block 1.  Wish me luck!

~ Happy quilting, from Laura, Wesley, and Matthew.