Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cabin Awards: December 12, 2011

Congratulations to FOUR (not Three, as previously planned) followers this week:

SistaSue, Beth, Sheila, njhein are the four recipients, randomly chosen moments ago.

I just sent you all messages,  including codes that allow us to identify you as a winners.  Please include that code with your shipping information, and e-mail Tera at   She’ll help you redeem your awards.

Sorry to spoil the surprise, but each Christmas grab bag will include Gayla’s Table Attire runner kit, shown here:


A few other goodies will be packed in each bundle… Merry Christmas!

The next Cabin Award will be posted next Sunday.  The prize: TBA.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cabin Award Winner: November 28, 2010



Congratulations to kiowa and tammy burke.

You are both winners, and will receive  “snowflake”  gift packs, featuring about $40.00 in “Snowflake” quilt merchandise (patterns, fabric, thread, etc.). 

I just sent you both messages,  including codes that allow us to identify you as a winners.  Please include that code with your shipping information, and e-mail Tera at   She’ll help you redeem your awards.

The next cabin award will be in two weeks, Sunday December 12th.  THREE winners that day, grab-bag style, assortments of Christmas merchandise. 

New arrivals from Punch Studios

I am constantly amazed by the number of beautiful note cards, notepads, little books, and other “gifty” items that go out the door of our shop.  Some items have a fabric or quilting theme.  Others don’t.

I think the trend can be explained by a couple of common bonds, shared by most quilters.  We like pretty things.  And, we like to share them with others. 

Our newest arrivals from Punch Studios are a perfect example.

Decorative file folders, 10 letter size to a pack, made with thick creamy paper, and decorated with exquisite artwork.

Magnetic notepads, 100 pages per packet.  The thicker strip on top is embellished with little jewels, and each page is printed with pretty detail.  The pages are perforated, and tear away leaving the decorative strip across the top intact.

Why write a note on plain notepaper, when you could write on pretty paper?

Why file papers in a plain manila file folder, when you could use a beautiful folder?

The new arrivals from Punch Studios can be found here.  Lots of other treasures too.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ahhh… quilting heaven.

I imagine a painter feels this way when she begins with a fresh canvas.

I imagine a chef feels this way when her knives are freshly sharpened.

I imagine an author feels this way when she starts a new book.

I know that quilters feel this way when we start new projects.  I spend a lot of time with quilters, and speak with confidence.


The joy of a stack of beautiful new fabric on the cutting table… Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Joanna Figueroa.  Jelly roll and background/accent fabric for Fig Tree Club, Year 2, Project 1, Twinkle Throw.


Jelly roll, unrolled, and sorted by colorway:


Fabric cut, and carefully sorted into stacks for the various blocks.  I have to put my stacks in Ziploc baggies, as I know the rambunctious kittens will play as they help me sew.


As the first blocks emerge, my heart fills with a sense of accomplishment. Graceful pinwheels float on a creamy white background. 


I love this pattern.  Simple, pretty, and fresh.  I’m making the larger size, 61” x 70”, and the blocks go together quickly.  Some of the pinwheels spin the other way, some are on a creamy yellow dot background, and a few star blocks are scattered in for fun.  

The overall experience… enchanting!

Mmmm… it’s quilting heaven.

Join us in Fig Tree Club year 2, click here for details.  Join by November 30th, to be eligible for the Welcoming Bonus drawing.  More info here.

Cabin Award Winners: November 21, 2010

Congratulations to crhauens and Kathy Reinertson!

You are both winners, and will receive  “apple”  gift packs, featuring about $40.00 in “Apple” quilt merchandise (patterns, fabric, thread, etc.). 

I just sent you both messages,  including codes that allow us to identify you as a winners.  Please include that code with your shipping information, and e-mail Tera at   She’ll help you redeem your awards.


Moving on… from Apples to Snowflakes!

The next Cabin Award will be announced Sunday, November 28th.  Two winners again that day, but “snowflake” gift packs instead of apples or pumpkins.  Here’s an example of some of the items that might be included:



Remember, you must be a blog follower to qualify for the Cabin Awards.  Join today… See the list of followers in the left column.  Click into the “Follow, with Google Friend Connect” area, and add your information.

My favorite snowflake quilt projects?  That’s easy.  Click here for the Let it Snow batik category.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fig Tree Club at DCQ!

As we prepare to launch the second year of our Fig Tree Club at DCQ, we have opened up the club to new members.

Carry-over members from Year 1 will receive an e-mail soon, inviting them to specify size and backing options for Year 2: Project 1, “Twinkle Throw”.


New members are asked to join by November 30th, to be eligible for the “Welcoming Bonus Drawing”.  Although Joanna does a great job guiding our local club along, with beautiful fabric collections, and inspired pattern designs, she encourages us to “make the club our own”.  

Yesterday, I finished this “Mini Quilt Trio” project, using scraps left over from my first year’s club projects.  The accomplishment inspired me… to inspire you!


First, we’ll have a drawing for THREE Mini Trio Quilt packets.  All confirmed Fig Tree Club members (new or old) will be eligible.  Winners will be notified by phone or e-mail, and announced on the blog (first names only, to protect privacy).

Packet includes:

Mini Trio Quilts Pattern, by Suzanne’s Art House, AND Pear Table Top Trip Tic Stand (6” x 12” units). Total  Retail value $27.00.


During the year, winners can use their scraps to make a trio of adorable miniatures. 

Then, at the conclusion of year two, we’ll have an award like never before. 

All graduating members will have a chance to win this beautiful Fig Tree quilt from Joanna’s “Pastry Shop” book… Finished size: 60.5” x 63.5”.

figtreequiltdrawing1  Close-Up Detailfigtreequiltdrawing2

  Close-Up Detail~ Such Pretty Quilting!figtreequiltdrawing3

Professionally pieced by my friend Susan, professionally quilted by my friend Tammy.

The quilt features fabrics from the “Patisserie” collection, and is one of my favorites. 

So, if it’s one of my favorites, why are we giving it away?  Good question.

Hmmm…  Joanna’s Fig Tree style has a wonderful message.  A handmade gift is the ultimate expression of kindness, appreciation, and friendship.

As I think about our shop, and the way we reach out to our customers, it is through the common bond of quilting. It’s  time to give the gift of quilting in a new, tangible, and exciting way! 

Prize value?  Priceless :)

Or, if you are a practical person, I think the quilt would sell for between $350-$500.

So, from one “Fig Tree Girl” to another…. Join us in the Fig Tree Club!  We welcome you with open arms. 

Click here for details, and we’ll save you a spot.

Cabin Award Winner: November 14th, 2010

Congratulations to Twila D and Maree!

You are both winners, and will receive  “pumpkin”  gift packs, featuring about $40.00 in “Pumpkin” quilt merchandise (patterns, fabric, thread, etc.). 

I just sent you both messages,  including codes that allow us to identify you as a winners.  Please include that code with your shipping information, and e-mail Tera at   She’ll help you redeem your awards.


Moving on… from pumpkins to apples.

The next Cabin Award will be announced Sunday, November 21st.  Two winners again that day, but “apple” gift packs instead of pumpkins.  We don’t have very many apple quilt patterns… but here’s an example of pretty “Apple” items that might be included:

I’m sure we can come up with something really good.  “Apple” gift packs will include approximately $40.00 in apple themed merchandise.

Cabin awards are randomly chosen from the current list of “followers”.  Join today!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Favorite Pumpkin Projects

As mentioned in today’s newsletter, we’re celebrating the Pumpkin this week at DCQ.

Here are a few of my favorite “Pumpkin Projects”:


Saginaw St. Quilt Co.: Great Pumpkin Harvest Kit


This & That: Pumpkin Party Runner Kit


Fall Memories Pattern by Laundry Basket Quilts

And, a variety of beautiful Hoffman “Pumpkin” batiks:

I plan to make a Four Square Farmhouse quilt using these batiks, plus a variety of creams, browns, and taupes:


I think it will be pretty, don’t you?

In honor of our Autumn Pumpkin Celebration, we’ll announce TWO Cabin Awards next week. Each winner will receive a “pumpkin”  gift pack, featuring about $40.00 in “Pumpkin” quilt merchandise (patterns, fabric, thread, etc.). 

A quick reminder to sign up as a follower for Blogs from the Cabin. 

Look to the left.  Then scroll up.  There’s a list of names, some with photos (optional), of readers who follow this blog.  Weekly cabin awards are randomly chosen from this list.  If you haven’t registered… you’re missing out!

Become a “follower” by next Sunday, and you’ll be eligible for the “Pumpkin” awards.

Selling Cards

As shop owners, we shop for fabric in a much different way.  We are presented with fabric samples, either “on paper”, or “on cloth”, approximately 6 months before the merchandise is ready.  We commonly shop for seasonal goods about a year before that season.

Faced with so many choices, it can be a daunting task.  But, we know what we like, and hope that you like it too.

Some fabric companies do an especially nice job presenting their fabric to us.  For example, this past spring, we were shown the following fabric cards:

freshpallete1fpalette1  fpalette2 fpalette3  So pretty!

Plus, a Free Pattern Sheet for a Quilt in Two Sizes, designed by Miss Rosie (aka Carrie Nelson), to perfectly showcase her debut fabric collection:


The decision… an easy one!

Yes.  We’ll take it all.  Plus, multiple bolts of our favorite prints.

Time passes.  Memory fades a bit. 

Then, the UPS truck backs up to the shop, and unloads huge boxes of fabric.

Open… unwrap… price… add to website… display.  Take a step back, and smile.

Ta Da!  We did good!

Click here for Fresh Palette.  Kits are now available for the quilt kit, in two sizes.  Backing is optional.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rose’s Runners

I just added a couple of new small kits to the website, using the beautiful “Let it Snow” batiks by Laundry Basket.  Rose has been taking advantage of the chilly autumn weather to stitch shop samples, and just finished these two projects.

Let it Snow Batik Flip ‘n Strip Table Runner: Kit available for $25.25 plus $8.00 pattern.

The pattern?  Flip 'n Strip Table Runner designed by Karen Montgomery


Rose’s version:



The technique?

Simply a quilt as you go strip quilt, with a little wider asymmetric border.  But, what makes the runner special is the fusible applique accents at either end.   Where Karen’s runner features Christmas Trees, Rose chose to apply fusible web to the back of  two panel snowflakes, then fussy cut and applique the flakes in place.  It was quick, easy, and the end result is simply beautiful.

Rose's Twister Topper: Kit available for $20.00 plus $9.00 pattern.

The pattern? Designs to Share with You: Twister


The technique:  4 fat quarters, arranged in a pleasing fashion, to create a 3-D result. Notice how the runner seems to spin, and the square “rings” seem to interlock.


Rose’s first version of the runner didn’t look quite the way she wanted it to.  See photo left (first version) compared to photo right (final version).



Although the spinning pinwheel design appears in both versions, and the same fabrics are used in both, the geometric 3-D effect is much more obvious in the final version. 

Amazing, isn’t it?   Fabric placement can really matter, even in simple designs like this.  

Either one of these projects would look beautiful on your holiday table, especially with an elegant silver, white or crystal centerpiece.  I found these at Crate & Barrel…. but it’s hard for me to imagine the scale.  I think I need to look at Target.  I love their Holiday stuff!

LusterGlsSnwflkVotiveF10 ArdenCandleholdersS3F9   BoneChinaSnowflkTeaHldrLLF8

~ Have a great week!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lucky Seven! The second and third winners are….

Congratulations to Holly W  and  LaVonne W.

Your names were drawn as the second and third winners during our Lucky Seven promotion.

You’ll both receive  seven yards of fabric, your choice, retail value $9.50 per yard (or less). You can choose either a continuous cut or assorted smaller pieces. Prize can be redeemed in-store or online.

If I won seven yards of fabric, what would I pick?  Well, I’m in a “Christmas” mood today, and I’d head straight for the “Fruitcake” prints. I just love the contemporary prints, the warm colors, and the whimsical little bells, ornaments, & snowmen.  Click here for the full collection.

~ Happy Quilting!

Vanilla Sour Cream Bread

p35956b bettycrockerbreadmachine

We’ve had our bread machine for over five years, and use it sporadically.  But, in the weeks before Christmas, it runs nearly non-stop, as we make dozens of loaves of bread for friends, family, co-workers, and teachers.  Last year, we bought an identical second machine, so we could make two loaves simultaneously. 

A warm loaf of bread, paired with a jar of homemade apple butter (click here)…. the perfect gift.

Although the bread machine came with a good instruction/recipe book, I really prefer the book shown in the photo right: “Betty Crockers’s Best Bread Machine Cookbook: The Goodness of Homemade Bread the Easy Way”  It has great color pictures, step by step instructions, tips & tricks, and yummy recipes.  Click here  to find it at Barnes & Noble.

We’ve tried lots of recipes from the book, but this one is my favorite:

Vanilla Sour Cream Bread

1 1/2 lb recipe (12 slices)   2 lb recipe (16 slices)
1/2 cup water 2/3 cup
1 tablespoon vanilla 1 1/2 tablespoons
1/3 cup sour cream 1/3 cup
one egg one
1 tablespoon butter, softened 1 tablespoon
3 cups bread flour 4 cups
3 tablespoons sugar 1/4 cup
1 1/4 teaspoons salt 1 1/2 teaspoons
2 teaspoons Yeast** 2 teaspoons

** May be Bread Machine or Quick Active Dry Yeast

Make: 1 1/2 pound recipe with bread machines that use 3 cups flour, or make 2 pound recipe with bread machines that use 4 cups flours

Measure carefully, placing all ingredients in bread machine pan in the order recommended by the manufacturer.

Select: Sweet or Basic/White cycle.  Use Light crust color.  Do not use delay cycles.  Remove backed bread from pan, and cool on wire rack.

~ Happy Bread Making!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stormy & Fluffy



Good morning!

About two months ago, we lost our littlest house cat, Kittens the Mittens. We're really not sure how it happened, but we think she accidentally got outside, and then vanished without a trace. After endless hours searching the fields around our home, checking with neighbors, looking in town, and more... we had to tell Matthew that she must be in heaven. As you can imagine, we've shed a lot of tears.

Losing a pet to old age or illness is incredibly painful. Losing a pet under these circumstances is worse. The sadness and grief seems magnified by the uncertainty and the guilt.

With "Kitten" gone, Matthew considered a lot of offers for a replacement from friends and family. But, none of the kitties seemed quite right. That is, until he met "Suri & Ness" at the Oreo Animal Shelter/West Dakota Veterinary Clinic on Thursday after school.

These little bundles of soft fur and endless playfulness were abandoned in a boat by a stray mother cat in Dickinson. A litter of five, one of the kittens had a tail, and the other four did not, indicating the father was a Manx. Three females, two males. Jennifer, an employee at the clinic/shelter, devoted herself to bottle feeding and fostering the litter for the past six weeks, until the kitties were old enough to be adopted.

When the kittens were posted on the Petfinder website, and I learned their story from Jennifer, we decided to visit the shelter. We left with "Suri" and "Ness", re-christened "Stormy" & "Fluffy" by Matthew, two adorable Manx mix kittens, about six weeks old... healthy, playful, and oh so cute. Because they have no tails, they look a little off balance when they run, with a funny hopping gait that resembles a rabbit.

After a rocky start in life, "Stormy" and "Fluffy" have come to the right place... a home filled with fun, a happy little boy and other animals to play with, plenty of love in our hearts, and endless stacks of cozy quilts to snuggle up on.

Note: I had the easy job this morning, writing about their arrival. I assigned Wesley the task of taking pictures of them for the newsletter.... not so easy... they don't stand still for very long!  I think he did a great job.

With appreciation to Oreo's animal rescue in Dickinson, and the Petfinder website, DCQ will send $2.00 for every online order during the next 24 hours. We'll be split the total equally between the two organizations.

Online orders are already pouring in this morning, even before I send this newsletter. Another busy Sunday on the website, and with your help, we hope to make a sizeable donation to a worthwhile cause.

We invite you to visit their websites: and Oreo's Animal Rescue.

Lucky Seven! And the first winner is…



12554-15  12554-18

Congratulations to Sharon D!  (Invoice a128098)

Your name was drawn as the first winner during our Lucky Seven promotion.

We’ve e-mailed you a coupon code to allow online shopping for seven yards of fabric, your choice, retail value $9.50 per yard (or less). You can choose either a continuous cut or assorted smaller pieces. We’ll also pay the shipping for the packet.

Thanks to everyone who shopped with us last week,  to qualify for the “LUCKY SEVEN” promotion.  If you didn’t find time yet, don’t despair…. a second drawing will occur for qualifying orders between Sept 25-30.  Then, we’ll combine all names and draw a third winner!  Just be sure to follow the instructions in the blog post shown below, so that your order qualifies for the drawing.

If I won seven yards of fabric, what would I pick?  I’d head straight to the “Lumiere de Noel” category (click here).  These pretty prints have been calling my name lately, and I can’t wait to make some nice holiday accessories using a combination of the regular weight cottons and the pretty wovens.

Lucky Seven!!



Good Morning.

Well, we're all up early this morning, writing the newsletter together.  All of us.  Myself, Wesley, Matthew & the cats.

As Wesley & I were brainstorming this morning about a fun new promotion, Matthew overheard the conversation.

"What are you talking about?", he asked earnestly.

"The newsletter.  We need a fun way to celebrate the seventh anniversary for the website,"  Wesley explained.

"Oh," Matthew replied.

He vanished into his bedroom, and the cats Abbie & Aimee followed him.  A few minutes later, he reappeared, bug net in hand, stuffed with bits of colored paper. 

"Abbie and I figured it out!", he exclaimed. "We can have a drawing! For seven yards of fabric! We'll put the names in here, and at the end of the celebration, I'll pick them out."

Wesley & I looked at each other with amusement.  Well, why not?

So, courtesy of Matthew, age 7, let's begin the Lucky Seven celebration.

First, a few rules:

  • Everyone who qualifies between now and September 24 will have their name entered into the first drawing.  Everyone who qualifies between September 25 and September 30 will have name entered into second drawing.  Then, as an added bonus, all names will be combined and we'll draw for a third award.
  • Promotion closes at Midnight (MST) September 30, 2010.  No exceptions.
  • Qualifying orders must include at least SEVEN yards of fabric, and total invoice value must exceed $50.00 (before shipping charge).  For each multiple of $50.00 over that, your name will be entered again.  Example: $200 order qualifies for four entries.
  • Qualifying orders MUST include the code LUCKYSEVEN in "enter coupon or certificate number" on the checkout page. Enter code exactly as shown, all caps, no spaces.  This allows us to track the qualifying invoices.
  • In-store shoppers welcome. The bug net and entry slips will be displayed next to the cash register.
  • Three awards: a total of seven yards of in-stock fabric, priced at $9.50/yard or less, your choice.  May be continuous yardage or assorted cuts.

The "Lucky Seven" promotion fits nicely with our second planned event.  I just marked the batik categories down by $1.00/yard, for our annual Autumn Batik sale. Click here to check out the selection.  Sorry, no back orders on discounted batiks, as many cannot be reordered. 

Have fun shopping!  Please e-mail if you have questions.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cabin Award Winners: September 19, 2010

Two winners today, Anita van Hall, and Margie Feramisco. 

You’re both invited to pick out FIVE YARDS of FIVE DOLLAR per yard clearance fabric. Click here to check out the possibilities.

I just sent you both messages,  including codes that allow us to identify you as a winners.  Please include that code with your shipping information, and e-mail Tera at   She’ll help you redeem your award.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cabin Award Winners: September 5, 2010

Two winners today, Susan KS, and wjalofs. 

You’re both invited to pick out five patterns from Wesley’s five dollar pattern sale category.  Click here to check out the possibilities.

I just sent you both messages,  including codes that allow us to identify you as a winners.  Please include that code with your shipping information, and e-mail Tera at   She’ll help you redeem your award.

We’ll be busy vending next weekend at the Hill City Quilt show.  Click here to check out the website for the event.  So, we’ll skip a week on the blog, and announce two Cabin Award Winners on September 19th.

Continuing with our FIVE BUCKS, FIVE BUCKS, clearance event, each of the winners that day will be invited to choose FIVE yards of FIVE dollar per yard clearance cotton.

Some of my favorites:

15995-11 30159-16 392717 282303

As of today, you’ll find all of these beautiful quilting cottons, and more, by clicking here.  Wesley & I just updated the category, and added dozens of new bolts.  With over 250 prints to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Click here to view the “Back to School Clearance” category, in it’s entirety.

I’ll keep in touch…  I’m headed to our annual retreat at our favorite B & B near Hill City, and plan to get some serious sewing done!