Sunday, November 7, 2010

Selling Cards

As shop owners, we shop for fabric in a much different way.  We are presented with fabric samples, either “on paper”, or “on cloth”, approximately 6 months before the merchandise is ready.  We commonly shop for seasonal goods about a year before that season.

Faced with so many choices, it can be a daunting task.  But, we know what we like, and hope that you like it too.

Some fabric companies do an especially nice job presenting their fabric to us.  For example, this past spring, we were shown the following fabric cards:

freshpallete1fpalette1  fpalette2 fpalette3  So pretty!

Plus, a Free Pattern Sheet for a Quilt in Two Sizes, designed by Miss Rosie (aka Carrie Nelson), to perfectly showcase her debut fabric collection:


The decision… an easy one!

Yes.  We’ll take it all.  Plus, multiple bolts of our favorite prints.

Time passes.  Memory fades a bit. 

Then, the UPS truck backs up to the shop, and unloads huge boxes of fabric.

Open… unwrap… price… add to website… display.  Take a step back, and smile.

Ta Da!  We did good!

Click here for Fresh Palette.  Kits are now available for the quilt kit, in two sizes.  Backing is optional.