Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ahhh… quilting heaven.

I imagine a painter feels this way when she begins with a fresh canvas.

I imagine a chef feels this way when her knives are freshly sharpened.

I imagine an author feels this way when she starts a new book.

I know that quilters feel this way when we start new projects.  I spend a lot of time with quilters, and speak with confidence.


The joy of a stack of beautiful new fabric on the cutting table… Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Joanna Figueroa.  Jelly roll and background/accent fabric for Fig Tree Club, Year 2, Project 1, Twinkle Throw.


Jelly roll, unrolled, and sorted by colorway:


Fabric cut, and carefully sorted into stacks for the various blocks.  I have to put my stacks in Ziploc baggies, as I know the rambunctious kittens will play as they help me sew.


As the first blocks emerge, my heart fills with a sense of accomplishment. Graceful pinwheels float on a creamy white background. 


I love this pattern.  Simple, pretty, and fresh.  I’m making the larger size, 61” x 70”, and the blocks go together quickly.  Some of the pinwheels spin the other way, some are on a creamy yellow dot background, and a few star blocks are scattered in for fun.  

The overall experience… enchanting!

Mmmm… it’s quilting heaven.

Join us in Fig Tree Club year 2, click here for details.  Join by November 30th, to be eligible for the Welcoming Bonus drawing.  More info here.