Sunday, June 27, 2010

II. This & That Pattern Company: Zippers Galore!

Our friend Sherri K. Falls continues to “wow” us with fun little projects that use zippers.

As part of her “Little Scraps”  from This & That pattern series, you’ll find patterns for a number of smaller bags, accessories, and more.

Sherri recently sent us a “mini trunk show” of six little projects that use zippers, and I love them all.

Click on the pattern titles (shown in blue) to shop the online catalog.

1. ) Koin Keeper Wallet

Finished Size: 3 1/2” x 5”

“A very sweet & easy wallet to hold everything you need to go out on the town.  Even has a zipper pocket for your coins!”

2.) Panache Pouch

Finished size: 4 1/2” x 7 1/2”

“A fast and fun wristlet!  Perfect for just about anything you need to go out on the town!”

3.) Out & About

Finished size: 6” x 10”

“This wristlet goes together quickly & easily, so don’t be scared of the gathers.  Perfect for going Out & About on the town!”

4. Little Cutie

Finished size: 5” x 6”

“A cute little coin purse that makes a wonderful gift for teachers, kids, or your quilting friends!”


5. ) Whimsey Wallet

6.) Mallory’s Big Box

Finished Size: 6” x 6” x 9”

“The perfect box for your knitting, make-up, games, or even holding your fat 1/4’s”


Of course, to make each project “just right”, you’ll need coordinating zippers.  Sherri uses the same flexible poly/plastic zippers as Atkinson’s Designs.   Click here for individual zippers ($1.00 each), or here for a complete assortment (36 zippers for $31.50).

Finally, I’m not a knitter.  But I might become one if I could carry my stuff around in this great bag:

7. ) Sticks & Stuff

Finished sizes: 8” x 10” (small pouch), 12” x 11” (large pouch), and 12” x 12” (needle case).

I. This & That Pattern Company: New Stitchery Patterns

Rose has been busy stitching lately, using a number of new patterns designed by “This & That”.  Sherri K. Falls has branched out from her traditional piecing & appliqué, and added some delightful embroidered elements to her designs. 

We especially like the fact that the projects are fun, quick, and easy to accomplish.  Some other pattern designers incorporate embroidery into large (bed-sized) quilts, and this can seem a little overwhelming.

Sherri’s designs are smaller, more manageable, and as cute as could be!

Kits are ready for both of the projects shown, and include Cosmo embroidery floss, as well as appropriate embellishments (buttons or ric-rack).  Click here for “Snow Much Fun” and here for “Poinsettia Pillow.”

ttSnowMuchFun  rosesnowmanstitchery

Left Photo: Sherri’s Pattern Cover “Snow Much Fun”.  Right Photo: Rose’s version.


Left Photo: Sherri’s Poinsettia Pillow.  Right Photo: Rose’s sample for the shop.

Rose has already started the “Autumn Blessing Pillow”, click here for the pattern, here for the kit.

Finally, patterns only are available for “Bird Watching”  (Click here).  We don’t have the fabric collection Sherri used for her sample.

We could certainly make custom kits, using fabrics we think would be pretty, or by request. 

Northwoods Botanicals (right photo) would be very nice. And, the pillow would match the Poinsettia Pillow shown above. 

Hmmm… looks like a match made in heaven to me.  What do you think?

The Women of Sari Bari


A few weeks ago, Ellen brought a Sari blanket to work.  Her daughter Rachel had sent it to her.  One of Rachel’s friends works for the “Sari Bari” company.  We examined the blanket together.  Really, it’s a quilt.

I didn’t think to take a picture of Ellen’s blanket, but this photo from the Sari Bari website shows an example.


Pieced in strips from recycled Saris, layered with batting, and carefully hand-quilted with sturdy thread.   A little worn in places, with a weathered patina.  Pretty colors, nice design, nothing fancy.   Hmmm….  

A visit to the Sari Bari website reveals this

About Sari Bari:

The name “Sari Bari” comes from two symbols. A sari is the traditional clothing worn by women in India.  Saris represent the essence of womanhood. In Bengali, the word bari means “house” or “home”. Our hope is for Sari Bari to be a safe home where women who have been exploited in the sex trade can have their dignity restored and experience a new life in the making.

Each of our products made from the Indian sari is marked with a woman’s name, a woman who now has the opportunity to make a choice for freedom and a new life.

Our mission:

Sari Bari, a business initiative, seeks the freedom and restoration of Kolkata’s red-light areas through dignity-giving employment opportunities for women affected by the sex trade.”


When I looked at the website a couple of weeks ago, there were quite a few quilts posted.  Now, they are all gone.  I think that must be good.  I have e-mailed the company, asking them when they expect their next shipment.  I’ll let you know what I find out.

There are still quite a few bags for sale, including this one I just bought:



Also, please note the Get Involved page. 

Dakota Cabin Quilts chose to sponsor one woman: the cost of supporting one woman through six months of training is $90.00 ( $15.00 per month).

Maybe your family, quilt guild, or group of friends could do the same?

Quilters are known for their generous spirit, and desire to help each other.  The women of Sari Bari are quilters too… let’s work together to support their efforts.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Patterns from Canada: “Among Brenda’s Quilts”

We met Brenda Miller at Spring Quilt Market, and discovered a geographical connection. 

She’s from Strathroy, Ontario.  I lived in both Goderich & Seaforth about 10 years ago.  Just a quick trip down Hwy 21 along the scenic eastern shore of Lake Huron. We were nearly neighbours!

In addition to living in a truly beautiful part of Canada, Brenda designs great bags, quilts, and more.

We added four of her patterns, including:

abqhomecookingcasserolecover abqmakingwavestabledecor abqthe2bbag abqthebevybag

I’m especially excited about “Making Waves”, as a single Bali Pop plus 2 1/8 yards of background fabric will make 6 placemats & the runner.

And, we love Bali Pops!

Click here for the new patterns.

Click here for Bali Pops.

Good news… after a painful absence, the wildly popular“Cappuccino” is back in stock!


465 and counting

Bit by bit, we’re approaching the 500 mark.

Don’t forget to join our blog, and be sure to invite friends, family & quilting buddies.


The next cabin award winners will be announced on the Sunday after we reach 500!  I started blogging at the end of June a year ago, and this will be a great way to celebrate the one year anniversary of “Blogs from the Cabin”.

Invite your friends, your family, your quilting buddies.

The prize? Five lucky winners to celebrate 500 followers.

Each winner will receive a “Poinsettia” pillow kit complete with cosmo embroidery floss, rick-rack trim, and the new “Northern Botanical” book by This & That.  Total value: $44.50 per person.



Kits are cut, and ready to go… we’re just waiting for a few more followers!

Becoming a “follower” is easy.  Just click on the link to the left, “Follow” with google friend connect.

Fresh Cottons from Fig Tree… “Fresh Vintage” style

As most of you already know, I have “a thing” about Fig Tree.

I’ll admit, it took me a while to get to this point.  When I first started quilting, I was a little bit skittish.  Batiks one day, thirties prints the next.  I couldn’t quite figure out what I loved, what I liked, and what I didn’t.

Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Or, more accurately, a great big stack of fabric bolts. Standing in Joanna Figueroa’s beautiful booth at Spring Quilt Market, I took it all in, and declared, “I am a Fig Tree girl.” 


In retrospect, I should have known.  We painted our entire house the color of milk chocolate,  (aka “Brown Suede” in the Fresh Cotton palette):


My closet is filled with pretty pinks, corals, butter yellows and assorted sage greens.

And, I’ve never met a quilt designed by Joanna Figueroa that I didn’t like.  Three of my favorites:


Madeline, A Girl in Paris, & French Kiss.

The next chapter in the “Fig Tree” storybook has arrived. 

Fresh Cottons.

Fresh Cottons hangtag

Click here.

For inspiration, visit Joanna’s Blog, “Fresh Figs.”  Click here.

Finally, find previous Fig Tree collections, kits, patterns and more by clicking here.

Market Bag Pattern Survey: It’s A Tie!

A while ago, I posted a survey asking about your favorite market bag pattern from those shown below.  Well, after 266 responses, I think I have a pretty good sampling.

The answer….. drum roll, please

It’s a Tie! 


The Go To Market Bag: Black Cat Creations 20%  Click here, $9.50

Mary Ann’s Market Tote: Purse Strings 20% Click here, $10.00

Saturday Market Bag: Heather Bailey 12% Click here, $13.00

Easy Market Bag: Calico Printworks 11% Click here, $8.50

Market Bags: Portabello Pixie 11% Click here, $12.00

Eco Market Tote: Favorite Things 11% Click here, $14.00

Be Green Market Bag: Paradiso Designs 8%

Market Tote: Sweetwater 8%

Note: 53% of respondents said they had made a market bag or tote for shopping, which I thought was pretty good.

As you can see, we now stock patterns for the top 6 vote-getters.  So, the other 47% of you have no excuse not to make a stylish market bag.

Next, the work begins.  As promised, I’ll use the winning pattern,  twill and coated/laminated fabric from the “Freebird” collection, to make a bag with the winning pattern.  And, since it’s a tie, I guess I get to pick from the top two patterns… I choose Mary Ann’s Market Tote.  I really like the gathered front pocket, great for my wallet, keys or phone.

Click here for Freebird.

“Just A Taste”: 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain



As a quilter, I would have loved to order the entire collection of prints from “Kate Spain’s” new 12 Days of Christmas group.

As a shop-owner, I sadly knew we didn’t have the room for the entire collection.  Too many pretty fabrics, not enough space.

So, I treated myself to “just a taste”.  Charm packs, background fabric, inner border, and outer border. I’m thinking this prints are a perfect fit for one of Miss Rosie’s delightful “Schnibbles” patterns, like “Scratch”, “Sunday Best”, or “Reveille”.

missrosiescratch sundaybestmr mrschreveille

Sometimes, “just a taste” is the perfect answer.

Click here for “12 Days of Christmas”.

Click here for Miss Rosie Schnibbles.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Zippy Strippy, Cash & Carry, & Pockets to Go!

zippystrippypattern pocketstogo

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve dived into Terry Atkinson’s  “Snip, Zip, & Go” headfirst… and I’m not sure when I’ll come up for air!

At the end of the previous post, I wrote, “I hope you have as much fun with this as I do…. I’m currently waiting for Wesley to come home from the shop with a complete zipper assortment for me to work with… I’ve got some sewing to do!”

He arrived, bag of zippers in hand… And then,

Wow!  I might need an intervention.  As I worked on one, I couldn’t wait to start the next.

Please note: in my excitement, I forgot to read the “Zippy Strippy” pattern instructions.  Hard to believe, I know :)

Laurie-Ann gently pointed out that the larger bags are supposed to include a little pleat at the bottom, so that they “stand-up”.  (See Terry’s pattern photo above… her bags angle in a little and have a bottom, and mine don’t).  I can still add that if desired… or I can just make more bags!

First I made a couple of smaller “Cash ‘n’ Carry” wallets, using scraps from a Fig Tree quilt I’m working on.  Lower pouch has a pocket, perfect for credit card or hotel room key card.



Then, the longer “Cash ‘n’ Carry” (perfect sized pouch for sunglasses or sewing supplies):

akblog5Then, an assortment of all three sizes of “Zippy Strippy”:


The pattern calls for scraps of 2.5” width… perfect for leftover jelly roll strips, or charm squares also work for the smallest size. But, I  found Honey Bun strips (1.5”) worked well (top bag), or just fabric remnants (middle bag body is not scrappy).

These were made from an “Eva” charm pack, and scrap yardage. I think they need some decorative buttons.


Then, I made a pair for the Hospice of the Hills silent auction (used both patterns).  The ric-rac was a fun touch:


Then, I made this set for my briefcase.  Large bag for power cords & plug-ins.  Smaller bag to hold my i-Pod. Used left-over honey-bun strips and added inner pockets to the pouch, to hold earphones & cord.


akblog10 akblog9

Finally, I tried the third pattern, “Pockets to Go”.  Cube organizer shown here, and I’m nearly done with a coordinating  “Long” organizer.  I’ll add photos when able.



Although more work is involved in making the organizer than the little bags, every pattern is exceptionally well designed and written, making the process fun & easy.

For patterns and supplies, click here.