Sunday, June 20, 2010

“Just A Taste”: 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain



As a quilter, I would have loved to order the entire collection of prints from “Kate Spain’s” new 12 Days of Christmas group.

As a shop-owner, I sadly knew we didn’t have the room for the entire collection.  Too many pretty fabrics, not enough space.

So, I treated myself to “just a taste”.  Charm packs, background fabric, inner border, and outer border. I’m thinking this prints are a perfect fit for one of Miss Rosie’s delightful “Schnibbles” patterns, like “Scratch”, “Sunday Best”, or “Reveille”.

missrosiescratch sundaybestmr mrschreveille

Sometimes, “just a taste” is the perfect answer.

Click here for “12 Days of Christmas”.

Click here for Miss Rosie Schnibbles.