Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Zippers? No big deal!


Atkinson Designs “wowed” us at Spring Market with a new program, the “Snip, Zip & Go” zippers.


I know, I know… bad junior high home-ec  flashbacks.

But, don’t stop reading.  Terry Atkinson was a home-ec teacher before she was an amazing quilt designer.  She’s a zipper expert.  She breaks down the zipper technique into a fun, creative, process designed for success.

First, she makes it easy to buy the “right zipper,”  in the “right color,”  for the “right price!”


Available individually or buy a bundle that includes one of each.

Next, she designs three amazing patterns for the zippers.  The patterns are well written, include excellent diagrams, and feature fun, useful projects,  allowing you to express your creativity.

zippystrippypattern pocketstogo

Cash & Carry, Zippy Strippy, & Pockets to Go.

Finally, she teaches me (the shop owner/teacher), how to teach you.  This afternoon, I prepared a demo binder for the basic “Cash & Carry” wallet according to Terry’s excellent instructions.  It does help, after all, if I know what I’m doing too.

znbd1 znbd2

znbd3  znbd4

znbd5 znbd6

The basic steps in this little wallet are repeated for the other small bags, just with different dimensions, pockets,  and trims or embellishment.

Terry’s exactly right…


Click here to shop.  And don’t forget to check out her two new quilt patterns:

Jelly roll/bali pop friendly, the quilts “Popsicle Sticks” & “Urban Cabin” quilts are simply lovely.

I hope you have as much fun with this as I do…. I’m currently waiting for Wesley to come home from the shop with a complete zipper assortment for me to work with… I’ve got some sewing to do!