Sunday, November 28, 2010

New arrivals from Punch Studios

I am constantly amazed by the number of beautiful note cards, notepads, little books, and other “gifty” items that go out the door of our shop.  Some items have a fabric or quilting theme.  Others don’t.

I think the trend can be explained by a couple of common bonds, shared by most quilters.  We like pretty things.  And, we like to share them with others. 

Our newest arrivals from Punch Studios are a perfect example.

Decorative file folders, 10 letter size to a pack, made with thick creamy paper, and decorated with exquisite artwork.

Magnetic notepads, 100 pages per packet.  The thicker strip on top is embellished with little jewels, and each page is printed with pretty detail.  The pages are perforated, and tear away leaving the decorative strip across the top intact.

Why write a note on plain notepaper, when you could write on pretty paper?

Why file papers in a plain manila file folder, when you could use a beautiful folder?

The new arrivals from Punch Studios can be found here.  Lots of other treasures too.