Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stormy & Fluffy



Good morning!

About two months ago, we lost our littlest house cat, Kittens the Mittens. We're really not sure how it happened, but we think she accidentally got outside, and then vanished without a trace. After endless hours searching the fields around our home, checking with neighbors, looking in town, and more... we had to tell Matthew that she must be in heaven. As you can imagine, we've shed a lot of tears.

Losing a pet to old age or illness is incredibly painful. Losing a pet under these circumstances is worse. The sadness and grief seems magnified by the uncertainty and the guilt.

With "Kitten" gone, Matthew considered a lot of offers for a replacement from friends and family. But, none of the kitties seemed quite right. That is, until he met "Suri & Ness" at the Oreo Animal Shelter/West Dakota Veterinary Clinic on Thursday after school.

These little bundles of soft fur and endless playfulness were abandoned in a boat by a stray mother cat in Dickinson. A litter of five, one of the kittens had a tail, and the other four did not, indicating the father was a Manx. Three females, two males. Jennifer, an employee at the clinic/shelter, devoted herself to bottle feeding and fostering the litter for the past six weeks, until the kitties were old enough to be adopted.

When the kittens were posted on the Petfinder website, and I learned their story from Jennifer, we decided to visit the shelter. We left with "Suri" and "Ness", re-christened "Stormy" & "Fluffy" by Matthew, two adorable Manx mix kittens, about six weeks old... healthy, playful, and oh so cute. Because they have no tails, they look a little off balance when they run, with a funny hopping gait that resembles a rabbit.

After a rocky start in life, "Stormy" and "Fluffy" have come to the right place... a home filled with fun, a happy little boy and other animals to play with, plenty of love in our hearts, and endless stacks of cozy quilts to snuggle up on.

Note: I had the easy job this morning, writing about their arrival. I assigned Wesley the task of taking pictures of them for the newsletter.... not so easy... they don't stand still for very long!  I think he did a great job.

With appreciation to Oreo's animal rescue in Dickinson, and the Petfinder website, DCQ will send $2.00 for every online order during the next 24 hours. We'll be split the total equally between the two organizations.

Online orders are already pouring in this morning, even before I send this newsletter. Another busy Sunday on the website, and with your help, we hope to make a sizeable donation to a worthwhile cause.

We invite you to visit their websites: and Oreo's Animal Rescue.