Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lucky Seven!!



Good Morning.

Well, we're all up early this morning, writing the newsletter together.  All of us.  Myself, Wesley, Matthew & the cats.

As Wesley & I were brainstorming this morning about a fun new promotion, Matthew overheard the conversation.

"What are you talking about?", he asked earnestly.

"The newsletter.  We need a fun way to celebrate the seventh anniversary for the website,"  Wesley explained.

"Oh," Matthew replied.

He vanished into his bedroom, and the cats Abbie & Aimee followed him.  A few minutes later, he reappeared, bug net in hand, stuffed with bits of colored paper. 

"Abbie and I figured it out!", he exclaimed. "We can have a drawing! For seven yards of fabric! We'll put the names in here, and at the end of the celebration, I'll pick them out."

Wesley & I looked at each other with amusement.  Well, why not?

So, courtesy of Matthew, age 7, let's begin the Lucky Seven celebration.

First, a few rules:

  • Everyone who qualifies between now and September 24 will have their name entered into the first drawing.  Everyone who qualifies between September 25 and September 30 will have name entered into second drawing.  Then, as an added bonus, all names will be combined and we'll draw for a third award.
  • Promotion closes at Midnight (MST) September 30, 2010.  No exceptions.
  • Qualifying orders must include at least SEVEN yards of fabric, and total invoice value must exceed $50.00 (before shipping charge).  For each multiple of $50.00 over that, your name will be entered again.  Example: $200 order qualifies for four entries.
  • Qualifying orders MUST include the code LUCKYSEVEN in "enter coupon or certificate number" on the checkout page. Enter code exactly as shown, all caps, no spaces.  This allows us to track the qualifying invoices.
  • In-store shoppers welcome. The bug net and entry slips will be displayed next to the cash register.
  • Three awards: a total of seven yards of in-stock fabric, priced at $9.50/yard or less, your choice.  May be continuous yardage or assorted cuts.

The "Lucky Seven" promotion fits nicely with our second planned event.  I just marked the batik categories down by $1.00/yard, for our annual Autumn Batik sale. Click here to check out the selection.  Sorry, no back orders on discounted batiks, as many cannot be reordered. 

Have fun shopping!  Please e-mail if you have questions.