Friday, August 14, 2009

Peach Pie, Quilter’s Style

This afternoon, as I surfed one of favorite websites, I noticed the “recipe of the day”:

Peach Pie, Submitted by Marcia Kammann.

The photo looked so inviting, I couldn’t resist. I called Wesley and asked him to pick up enough peaches for a two pies, and a box of premade Pillsbury pie crust. (I know, I know… it’s not as good as homemade… but it sure as heck is easy!)

He arrived home with a lug box. Colorado peaches… new arrivals at our favorite grocery store.

We set to work making the pies. Compared to other peach pie recipes, the ingredients & steps were easy. Our peaches were perfect… sweet, juicy, firm, and flawless. It wasn’t long, and we had the pie shells filled. We didn’t change the recipe, other than adding a couple tablespoons of minute tapioca to the lower layers to prevent the pie from getting too runny.


We decided to try a lattice crust. Neither one of us had every woven one before, but obliged with a handy tutorial:

Making a Lattice Top Pie Crust

Wesley cut the strips for the first lattice free hand, using a pizza cutter. We wove the lattice with no trouble… a little time consuming but really fun.

Then, he disappeared into the sewing room. He emerged with a narrow ruler (1/2”), and cut the next strips “quilter’s style”. The result was impeccable.


Matthew got in on the action, helping weave the strips, and painting the pies with the egg wash.


After a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, the pies went into the oven, and soon the house was filled with the incomparable aroma of fresh peach pie. Warm, sweet, & fruity… the unmistakable scent of summer.

Waiting 45 minutes for the pies to cool seemed like an eternity. Every five minutes or so, Matthew asked “Is my pie done yet?”


It was worth the wait.


Yum. Simply delicious.