Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pretty Fabrics, Simple Quilts


Good Morning!

This edition of the newsletter comes to you from our pet friendly hotel in Rapid City. My "nesting" plans were set aside when we decided to meet with a fabric salesperson here rather than at the shop. The Houston International Quilt Market was a couple of weeks ago, and the suitcases our reps carry are overflowing with beautiful new fabrics. Our biggest challenge is to carefully think ahead, as we need to have a plan for everything we order. For example, we ordered a Christmas 2010 collection, the newest group by Jason Yenter (In The Beginning). The prints will be accompanied by a great pattern book, with an assortment of exquisite quilts such as the "Ice Queen" design shown in this photo. Click here for a "sneak peek" at Wintergraphixs III prints and note the intended projects at the bottom of the web page.

Seeing this, we had "our plan", and could order with confidence. We haven't even made it through this holiday season and are already shopping for the next!

In addition to working, we've had a nice time shopping, swimming at the hotel pool, and last night we treated Matthew to Chuck E Cheese's. Wow... that place is like heaven for little kids! Matthew won a long plastic drinking straw that loops around his ears and eyes like eyeglasses on the way from the cup to his mouth. As you can imagine, he's been thirsty every time he turns around, trying the straw out on various juices and sodas to see what works the best.

Our dog Sox came along, and it is quite an adjustment for him to transition from his usual days of running free in our yard, chasing rabbits & deer, to the life of a "city dog". He does well on a leash, and has been reasonably well behaved in the hotel room. Lots of activity here this weekend... It is hunting season and the place is full of four-footed companions.

As a result, this edition of the newsletter will be "short & sweet". We promised Matthew one last trip to the pool, and have a couple more stops to make before we head home this afternoon.