Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cabin Award Winner: Next Week

A quick reminder to sign up as a follower for Blogs from the Cabin. 

Look to the left.  Then scroll down.  There’s a list of names, some with photos (optional), of readers who follow this blog.  Weekly cabin awards are randomly chosen from this list.  If you haven’t registered… you’re missing out!

Become a “follower” by next Sunday, and you’ll be eligible for the next award.  That day, we’ll announce two new prizes:   each winner will be invited to choose five patterns from Wesley’s five dollar pattern sale category.  Click here to check out the possibilities.

Some of my favorites:

abacktoschool ahomewardbound anaturesway

Note: this category is constantly changing.  As patterns sell out (indicated by Quantity on Hand: zero), we add more to the promotion.  These patterns will be discontinued… when they are gone, they are gone!  So, if you see a few you like, please order soon!