Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lazy Girl Designs: A DCQ Favorite

Lazy Girl Designs: the brainchild of Joan Hawley, owner and creator of many amazing bag patterns, bag accessories, and more.
Meet my all-time favorite bag pattern:
The “Miranda Day Bag” (find it here. )
This stunning bag appears on the pattern cover

Here’s my version:

There’s also a Mini Miranda Bag (find it here).

Click here to find these and other great bag patterns.
Two of my favorite Lazy Girl Ideas:
Bag-E-Bottoms (Custom acrylic bases for your favorite fabric bags~ Six different sizes)… find them here)

And Handy Tabs (little packets of sturdy fabric strips, perfect for fastening custom handles to your beautiful new bag)… Found here.

Lazy Girl Designs…. A DCQ Favorite!