Sunday, May 10, 2009

We're Driving to the End of the Rainbow!

Happy Mother's Day!

It rained most of the day Friday, resulting in a dreary, soggy, dull day. Matthew and I came home after school, and spent some quiet time reading. Finally, he declared he was hungry, and asked for some Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

Standing at my kitchen window, preparing a mundane meal on an ordinary day, I noticed a fews ray of sun peek through the grey clouds. Suspicious, I stuck my head out the back door. Could it be?

Sure enough, around the corner, a glorious rainbow had appeared.

"Matthew, come quick! There's a rainbow out there!"

He literally jumped for joy. Slippers on our feet, camera in hand, we headed out into the backyard, to take in the beautiful sight.

A minute or two later, he firmly declared, "Come on, Mom! We're driving to the end of the rainbow."

Not wanting to burst his bubble, I tried to talk him out of the idea. But, he was unwavering.

"Mom. We just HAVE to go. I've always wanted to know what a rainbow tastes like."

We loaded up in the SUV with the dog and three of Matthew's favorite stuffed animals (his "kids", as he calls them...) We called Wesley on his cell phone, asking him to meet us, and informing him that we were driving to the end of the rainbow. His skepticism was pretty evident. But, he met us at the highway, and off we went.

Paved road turned into gravel. Then dirt. Then, a winding, muddy path, slippery and full of ruts.

Finally, it seemed that the rainbow was just over the next hill. (If you look closely, you can see just the tip of the rainbow touching the horizon just left of center in the second photo.)

We stopped the car, climbed out, and looked up in awe. Matthew reached up with both hands, straining on his tip-toes, stretching for the sky. He grasped handfuls of moist air, and brought them to his mouth and nose, tasting and inhaling the scent.

"How does it taste?", Wesley asked.

"I thought it might taste like lemons. But I just don't think we're quite close enough. It does taste like fresh air," he replied earnestly.

Then, as quickly as it had appeared, the rainbow faded. We drove home in silence, admiring the stunning sunset, and stopped at Wesley's car.

"Wait a minute," Wesley said. He reappeared with a handful of lemon cookies, and gave them to Matthew.

"Where'd you find those?", Matthew asked.

"Somebody put them on the front seat of my car," Wesley replied. "I think the leprechaun might have left them for us when he decided to take the rainbow away."

Matthew looked at Wesley suspiciously. But, he happily savored the lemony taste on his tongue.

"Really, Dad? Are you sure?"

Wesley just smiled.

We think childhood should be a little magical. The harsh realities of the "real world" will be evident soon enough.

Parenthood is teaching us to live in the moment. And for that, we will be forever grateful.

We're definitely in "sample making mode", as we prepare for the Rapid City Quilt Show. Last week, Rose pieced the Recipe for Friendship quilt top. I've been enchanted by this little quilt from the first time I saw it, and an unopened kit has sat in my sewing room for a couple of months now. I just like to look at the fabric.

When Wesley & Rose surprised me with the finished top, I felt like I was greeting an old friend. Something about this quilt reminds me of my childhood... I'm not sure if it's the cute central panel, or the cheerful yellow & red prints. Whatever it is, I know it makes me happy.

Rose has spent the better part of the week working on the Blue Palace quilt top, using the pretty, fresh, two-colored prints designed by Johnny Karwan for Clothworks. Although I can't be sure, I think the photo on the pattern cover might be computer generated. So, as we see Rose piece the sweet sawtooth stars, and begin to assemble the quilt on the design wall, it seems as though the fabrics just come alive. The center of the quilt is intricately pieced (no sashing or wide open spaces to speed things up), but she keeps organized, sews "assembly line style", and it's coming together quickly. I can't wait to see the finished quilt top, not to mention how nice it will look once it's quilted!

Last night, Matthew couldn't wait another minute to proudly give me a "Mother's Day Eve" present, this little potted plant. He painted the pot himself in kindergarten class, then added a pretty pansy. Friday afternoon, he walked to the quilt store, carefully carrying the pot. It was only the second time he's been allowed to walk by himself... it's a little over a block from the school, and we watch him come down the quiet street. On the way, he searched the sidewalk for the perfect rocks to decorate the dirt. With Wesley's help, they snuck it home, and have been carefully tending to it ever since. Of course, in my eyes, it is prettier than the most decadent bouquet of roses could ever be.

And, on that cheerful note, I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day! ~ Laura & the staff at Dakota Cabin Quilts