Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn Inspirations from DCQ

08&09-2009 009 

Good Morning!

Another busy week is behind us, and it feels good to sit still for a few minutes.  During our slower summer months, we prepare for this busy autumn quilting season... stitching shop samples, cutting kits, and planning our schedule.  Of course, we can't anticipate everything, and moments of chaos are inevitable.  But, all things considered, we are getting through it pretty well this year, and just have a couple more events ahead of us.  Next weekend, Laurie-Ann has volunteered to take a booth the the Gilette quilt show, and the following weekend we have two events: the Badlands Quilt Guild retreat in Medora, and another retreat in Pierre.  After that, we're done with events until January!

matthewbowarrow In times like this, we rely a lot upon Wesley's family to help us, especially with Matthew. Sometimes, they also help us set up or pack up, and the extra hands come in handy.  We're also blessed to have a very hard-working group of employees, and many friends at the assorted quilt shows & retreats who graciously show up at our booth eager to help.

The weekend we were in Hill City, Matthew stayed with Aunt Gayla & Uncle Roger, and his cousin Tayton.  She's almost a year older than him, and he learns a lot from her. She is a true cowgirl, as comfortable on a horse as a bicycle. She's also getting pretty good with a bow & arrow, and practices for hours aiming at a handmade bullseye in her backyard.

Auntie Gayla just e-mailed me these photos, of Tayton giving Matthew some archery tips.  I just love how she is perched on the top rung of the fence, and I can imagine her telling Matthew just how to stand and exactly what to do.  He earnestly does his best to follow her instructions, and she is quick to offer praise when he succeeds.

When I showed him the pictures, I laughed because Matthew was dressed in his "Sponge Bob" pajamas, in the middle of a sunny afternoon.  He replied, "What, Mom?!  I was wearing shoes!" 

Have a Great Week!