Sunday, December 27, 2009

Emerging From the Blizzard

Well, we all have a little cabin fever this morning. We've been "snowed in" since Thursday evening, due to a dangerous blizzard. Finally this morning, we woke to clear skies, sunshine, and huge snowdrifts in our front yard. Fortunately, we were stayed warm and cozy, and didn't lose our electricity.

As a result, we had a quiet Christmas, just the three of us and all our furry friends. We had lots of good food, warm quilts, and new toys to keep us busy. Santa brought Matthew a Wii for Christmas, so we've been playing tennis, baseball, and golf in the living room. What fun! Matthew catches on much quicker than we do, and is quite the fierce competitor. Wesley and I are just happy to finish the game.

The blizzard was hardest on Sox, as he had to stay cooped up in the house for days on end. He is such an athletic dog, used to running for miles, so the confinement made him a little nutty. He had the good sense to be terrified of the blizzard, and we literally had to pick him up and set him on the front step before he would go outside to potty. He weighs a lot when he is resisting. He is one happy dog this morning, jumping over the drifts and racing around the house.

You would think that with three solid days at home I would have a tidy house and lots of completed sewing projects. But, it's quite the opposite. Instead, remnants of Christmas are scattered about, and my sewing room is full of treasures of one kind or another. So, this afternoon is time to get organized, pick up, and get ready for a productive week ahead. Our "to do list" is pretty long, as we have to do inventory, prepare for a quilt show in January, and get fresh spring samples ready for the shop.

I hope you also had a wonderful Christmas weekend! We look forward to helping you with your sewing and quilting projects as we all settle into our winter routine.