Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cabin Award Winners: December 27, 2009


Merry Christmas to Carol Victory and Colleen Lawrence!


Your names have been chosen as the winners of Aurifil Thread packs in the color themes of your choice. Suggested retail price, $48.00. Everyday low price at DCQ: $43.00.  Sorry, I missed blogging last week so I decided to post two winners today.

Please send an mail to Laurie-Ann at with your mailing address, and she'll help you redeem your rewards.

The next "Cabin Awards" will be posted on Sunday, January 3rd.

At least three lucky winners will receive a “Look What We Found!”  grab bag of special items we find in the shop when we are doing inventory.  When we do inventory, we start at the front of the shop, and move to the back, counting every single item in stock. We’re always surprised at the treasures we find tucked behind something, or carefully set aside for a reason.  What reason…. we’re not sure… but we do think we must have had a reason to set them aside.

Anyway, this year I think we’ll make some nice grab bags with our “found items”, and will gift at least three of them in next weeks blog.  Value?  I don’t know yet…. I’ll post that when I announce the winners.  Be sure to check for your name, and respond in a timely fashion, because if the prizes are unclaimed, we’ll gift them to someone else.

Cabin award winners are randomly chosen from our list of blog followers. To become a follower, click on the colorful “FOLLOW” icon on the left side of this page, and proceed with the instructions.