Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wranglers Among Us


“Vision” ~ By Richard Caro

Currently on Display at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, Golden, Colorado


This weekend our quilting path finds us in Fort Collins, Colorado. Even though I love the prairie, I do admit a little envy toward those fortunate individuals who live in the foothills where the prairie meets the mountains. They have such a scenic canvas in front of them during their everyday lives of just doing the mundane, like driving to work or going to the grocery store; I truly hope they have appreciation for their scenic back drop in their everyday lives, it must lift their spirits every night when they come home from work.

Matthew was excited as we trekked across four states, he constantly was studying the GPS to make sure we were on the right course. Friday night we stayed in Cheyenne, Wyoming. As we headed south yesterday, Laura wanted to read her book, giving me instructions to let her know if there was anything interesting to look at, she wanted to be sure not to miss anything. After being distracted by me for the first 25 minutes of reading, she set down her “nook” e-reader because the enduring scenery was just too beautiful to miss.

As we drove past the Anheuser-Busch plant, I spied some of the famous Clydesdales in the paddock, out for exercise. Matthew instantly wondered if Dick was there and if we could stop in and see him. (Dick was his favorite horse when we saw the Budweiser Clydesdales on tour at the Black Hills Stock Show last year.) We pulled in and toured the stables at the training facility, and visited the gift shop. Dick was on the road at a show, however we were able to see Dan, Serendipity, and Wheeler; young Clydesdales being trained for the hitch.

Passing on the distillery tour, for lack of motivation and time, we continued toward our more exciting destination: The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colorado. The exhibits changes four times annually. Shows range from historic to contemporary, traditional to art quilts, using many styles and techniques. Biennially they present an exhibit of quilts by men. Click here to visit their website.


Here is an excerpt from their description of their current display:

“WRANGLER’S AMONG US: 10th Biennial Men’s Show:”

“Men make quilts, too, and their work continues to make a significant impact on the world of quilting. Quilts by Ricky Tims, David Taylor, Joe Cunningham, Carmon Slater, Scott Murkin, Edward Bostic, Richard Caro, Allen Tremain, and more will be on display. RMQM continues to showcase the fine quilt of men you know and men whose names you will be hearing.”

Sadly, I guess I have to confess, that my name falls under the category of “men whose names you will be hearing”. However brief my mention might be, I can officially say that my quilt enjoys the company of afore mentioned famous male quilters. Of extreme interest to myself was the Men's Round Robin, which also was part of the exhibit.

Click here to see the page on our website for the “Men’s Round Robin” that I participated in. These five quilts were included in the “Wranglers Among Us” display at the RMQM. It was an honor to see them in the gallery, and interesting to chat with the visitors who were enjoying the display.

If any of our readers live in the Denver area please consider a visit to the RMQM this quarter, as the display runs from February 2-May 2.

Also, for any of our friends in the SD, ND, MN or IA areas, please make plans to attend the Brookings Quilt Show, April 17- 18, 2010. Here is a link to the show website:

This year the featured quilter is Joe Cunningham, one of the afore mentioned ‘famous male quilters’. There is class information on their website, however one event not to miss is the Saturday Luncheon: (tickets need to be purchased in advance for the luncheon, contact information is on their website).

In a self bio Joe says, “Now I travel all over the country to perform my one-man musical, Joe the Quilter, and teach classes.” Joe will be giving a trunk show and performing his one-man musical during the luncheon. I can hardly wait.

Also featuring: SPECIAL EXHIBITS: ‘Montana Men Quilts & Local Men Quilters.’

What they failed to mention is that Dakota Cabin Quilts will be one of their vendors this year FEATURING: ‘yours truly’. (Since I am not famous I gotta grab the spotlight when I can!)

~ See you at the show!