Sunday, February 6, 2011

Google Chrome

Have you heard of Google Chrome? 

I just discovered it, and I LOVE it.

A fast new internet browser (like Internet Explorer, or Firefox), but sooo much better!

Click here to learn about it.

Click here to install it.

Then, sit down at your computer with  a hot cup of coffee.  Turn off the phone.  Think about your favorite things,  and tools you need to make your life easier. 

Create a personalized iGoogle  home page, using your favorite theme (I chose “Spring Flowers”), a variety of fun apps and tools, and some useful gadgets. 

My tools? A calculator, a “To Do” list, a clock and a calendar.

My passions?  A quilt photo app, inspirational quotes, and beautiful photography.

Add some news, some weather, and a wikipedia search bar.  Perfect.

I particularly enjoyed the colorful labpixies options, found here.

The result?

My homepage:


Each one of the rectangles is like a little quilt block, you can rearrange them, stack them up (with the compound gadget), add and delete to your heart’s content. 

See that empty area bottom middle?  I can either rearrange the existing elements, or find new ones to fill in the space.


Try Google Chrome… It is fun, easy, and will transform the way you think about the internet.  I promise.