Sunday, July 25, 2010

It’s Coffee Time!

Start with a stack of beautiful batiks, for inspiration.

Create a stunning watercolor painting. Designed by Sonja Taylor, well-known South Dakota watercolor artist.


Adapt the painting, make a quilt.  Write a pattern.  Melinda Snell, accomplished quilter from Bismarck, ND, makes it seem easy. 


Make a second version of the quilt, using new Hoffman batiks (not yet available).  This version of the quilt was featured in the Hoffman booth at Spring Quilt Market, 2010.




And, make a third quilt, alternate colorway:


As you can see, the talented duo of Sonja Taylor & Melinda Snell have been keeping busy.  A third quilt is well on it’s way to completion.  Hint: we’ve seen it, it’s stunningly beautiful, and if you go to the Hill City quilt show this fall , you can see it too!

“Coffee Time” follows the success of their first collaborative project, “Sunflower.”

sunflowerpaintingcopywrited sunflowerquilt350

Melinda writes,

"I don't know about you; but coffee gets my "motor" running in the morning-come to think of it, I've never been a good morning person and coffee is the fuel that starts my day! If you feel the same way-this quilt needs to be yours.

South Dakota artist Sonja Taylor created the original watercolor painting of "Coffee Time" as tribute to this early morning ritual which stretches into mid-morning, lunchtime, afternoon breaks.... well you get the idea-there's always time to enjoy a good cup of coffee! After completing her watercolor Sonja knew "Coffee Time" had to become a quilt-that's where I come in...

I'm Melinda Snell... the quilter who converts Sonja's beautiful watercolors into quilts and quilting patterns- lucky me! "Coffee Time" is our second pattern which features fusible applique and threadwork. If you like what you see, check out our first pattern called "Sunflower Patterns." It was the inspiration for the promotional art at the 2009 Hill City Quilt Show in South Dakota!

We hope you enjoy creating "Coffee Time" and by the way- isn't it time for COFFEE?!" 


Our job is the easy one.  We have plenty of “Sunflower” & “Coffee Time” patterns & kits for sale.  Click here.  Wholesale inquiries welcome.