Sunday, July 5, 2009

“America the Beautiful” Parade Photos, July 4, 2009

Laurie-Ann was quickly taking pictures of our parade floats as they passed by.  The first one is the “Hettinger Chamber of Commerce” float, prepared by local businesses.


Wesley is in charge of the project, and with Matthew’s help, they made 50 flowers to adorn the deck.  Fifty paper plates, one hundred paper flowers, 3 bottles of rubber cement, and a bunch of green paper leaves resulted in a “garden of beauty”.


Duane  & Dawn Fried from Fried Photography helped Wes put this last minute entry together on Saturday morning.  They creatively attached some patriotic quilts to my car… Tada!  Another “float” ready to go!


  fpdcqfloat2009 fpdcqfloat2009b

The flag  quilt on the side window is made from a Quiltsmart kit called “Old Glory” (Contact store for details).


The quilt on the rear is called “Gettysburg”. Click here  for the pattern, and here  for the kit .