Friday, July 3, 2009

Cottage Creek Quilts Wool Applique Pincushion: Part II (Assembly)

Once the appliqué has been completed, you are ready to assemble the pincushion. You’ll need the following supplies:

  • Wool appliqué pin-cushion top
  • (2) pieces of muslin, or tightly woven neutral cotton, cut the same dimension as the wool top
  • (1) piece of backing fabric (scrap of wool, homespun, flannel, cotton, or other suitable material… I used a brown corduroy. )
  • “Stuffing material”: although you can use polyfil, this results in a fluffy, lightweight result. I prefer crushed walnut shells (found in the “bird” aisle of well stocked pet stores) or play sand.
  • basic sewing supplies including pins, thread, and a needle for hand-sewing the pincushion shut
  • a turning tool (I like the “Purple Thang” tool because it has both a pointy and a square plastic end.)

Stack the layers of fabric as follows, then pin carefully, aligning edges:

  1. Muslin lining
  2. Backing fabric, right side up
  3. Wool applique top, right side down
  4. Muslin lining

Carefully sew around the perimeter, pivoting at the corners. Leave a 3" opening to allow you to turn your project "right side out".

Neatly trim all four corners, close to the stitching but not through it.

Using a turning tool (such as the “Purple Thang”), turn the pincushion right side out. Carefully push the corners into position, careful not to push the stitching through.

Prepare the “stuffing”. If you are going to use walnut shells or sand, you’ll need a funnel. I also use a measuring cup with a nice spout. Pour the shells or sand through the opening, filling the cushion nearly full. Don't overfill, or the cushion will be too hard. Don't underfill, or the cushion will sag.

Slipstitch the opening shut by hand. Pinch the layers together as you stitch, to keep the edges smooth.

That’s it! You’re done! Step back and admire your work! Now you’re ready to try one of the more complex designs in the Cottage Creek pincushion series. Click here to check out the other patterns, or to join the Dakota Cabin Quilts Wool Pincushion of the Month program.