Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quilts & Stitches Designs by Christine Bump, Stitched by Rose

We’ve been carrying the “Quilts & Stitches” pattern series by Christine Bump for quite some time now, adding to our pattern selection as she releases new designs.  Christine is “almost our neighbor”, as she lives in Blackhawk, South Dakota.

We are especially captivated by her series of appliquéd silhouettes, featuring various wildlife & western motifs.  Using her patterns, Rose has made seven different quilts for store samples.  Travelling in-store customers often comment that are not familiar with this style of art quilts, and leave the shop with a handful of patterns that represent their visit to our region.

Click here to see our current selection of “Quilts & Stitches” patterns & kits.

The technique to make these dramatic wall-hangings is simple: fusible web (Steam A Seam II Light, Click here for the value pack, or here for running yardage) is fused to the back or tightly woven, high quality batik fabric.  Using sharp embroidery scissors, the silhouette is cut carefully cut out.  In many cases, it is cut a SINGLE piece!  Rose says it is a bit “fussy”, but not difficult if you take your time.  Then, the appliqué silhouette is fused on pretty background fabric, and the borders are added.  The quilt top, batting, and backing are layered, and then quilted by stitching around the outline of the appliqué shape.

The Sturgis Rally will start in a little over 8 days, and the sound of motorcycles driving through our little town on the way to the Black Hills will become more & more common as the rally approaches.  Believe it or not, some of the “bikers” are “quilters” too, and it’s really fun to visit with them as the stop at the shop.  Most leave with a yard or two of “Sturgis Fabric” (click here), and they all love
“Rose’s Rally Quilts”.

“Chopping to the Rally”:


“Cruising to the Rally”:


Christine does have a third “Rally” design, but Rose hasn’t found time to make it yet.  Our quilt kit includes the same sunset batik background fabric as shown in the two quilts above, and this is the pattern cover photo by Christine:


Rose has also completed a number of Christine’s western designs.

“Cowboy Sunset”:


“The Morning Discussion”:


And, both the “Girl” & “Boy” versions of “Making a New Friend”:



Also, she made this stunning version of “Pheasants in Flight”.  Look closely, and you’ll see a hunter kneeling beside his dog within the pheasant outline:


We currently have kits available online for all of the quilts that Rose has made, plus “Sporting to the Rally”.  But, if you are interested in a custom kit for any of Christine’s Quilts & Sitches patterns, simply let us know, and we can cut one for you using our extensive selection of beautiful batiks. 

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  1. Do you have any RECENT contact info for Christine?
    I had been purchasing her patterns wholesale from Starwood pattern co. but they no longer carry them.
    I have tried to contact her via her website, but have had no reply in 3 months!

    I love her patterns and sincerely hope she is doing ok and that they will still be available!
    Thank you.