Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, Say Can You See...

Good morning.

Hettinger was blessed with glorious weather for our Fourth of July celebration yesterday. After a week of cool temperatures, thunderstorms, and rain, we finally had a beautiful day. This was greatly appreciated by the organizers of our annual celebration, as many of the events required outdoor cooperation.

The Fourth of July is our community's biggest yearly celebration, and a wonderful reflection of community spirit, pride, and volunteerism. This year was no exception, as activities for young, old, and in-between were offered from sunrise to sunset. A pancake breakfast, "Fun Run & Walk", parade, picnic, karaoke, basketball, horseshoe, & golf tournaments, barbecue and concert made up the schedule for the day. Matthew & his cousin Tayton were especially impressed by the inflatable play park that was brought in for the kids.

The photo shows the "Fried Photography/Dakota Cabin Quilts" combined entry, adorned with an assortment of beautiful patriotic quilts.

The crowning glory of the day was the stunning fireworks sponsored by the Jaycees. All year long, the organization raises money to fund the event, and the result is the perfect grand finale for the day. The show takes place over Mirror Lake, and the effect is nothing less than magical. Visitors drive from miles around to attend the show, and eagerly await the moment when the 10 o'clock whistle signals that the show is about to begin.

With an earth-shattering boom, fireworks light up the night sky, as their reflection twinkles in the lake below. One after another the rockets are launched, and somehow each one seems prettier than the last. The distinctive smell of gunpowder fills the chilly night air, and the gleeful sound of children shouting can be heard between blasts. After the impressive grand finale, applause & shouts of appreciation echo across the park. Families take their time packing up their lawn chairs & picnic coolers... saying good-night to their neighbors & friends.

As we drove home last night, Matthew & Tayton were exhilarated from the excitement of the day. As they excitedly chattered in the back seat, I was intensely grateful for our little town & the people in it. Our celebration is an example of "Small Town America" at it's best, and our community has a lot to be proud of.

We're a few days late, but we're finally ready to go with our annual "Christmas in July" celebration. I don't know about you, but I'm happy to avoid the heat of summer with some serious sewing time in air conditioned comfort. It's the perfect season to start working on Christmas projects, as the new arrivals of seasonal fabric inspire our creativity.

As always, we'll have a number of treats for our shoppers as we "celebrate the season"! Most importantly, for the next four weeks, all shoppers who purchase Christmas fabric, books, or patterns will receive a nice present. We've carefully wrapped useful items in pretty fabric, and these will be awarded with appreciation. The value of the item increases proportionally with the amount of the purchase (put simply, the more you buy, the nicer your package).

Please note: the "Christmas in July" promotion also applies to our in-store shoppers. If you're in the region, please stop by to view our newest Christmas projects, lovely holiday fabrics, and receive your present at the time of check-out.