Saturday, May 8, 2010

New this week: “Bread & Butter” by Whimsicals

In an earlier blog entry, I confidently explained that we could make custom kits for most any of the “Whimsicals” patterns by Terri Degenkolb. 

Many of you took advantage of the offer, and ordered kits from her previous books.

We quickly realized that we needed a few more “Whimsicals” prints  to revise her scrappy projects, and open up our world to all that her pattern books have to offer.

We lucked out, and were able to order a complete collection of “Bread & Butter”, designed by Terri to coordinate with past & future collections.  Click here.

Here’s the Red Rooster marketing info:

“Terri’s Mom, who taught her to sew and quilt, always called small prints in neutral tones “bread and butters.”

Terri says, “They're the kind of prints that go with anything (kind of like bread and butter), because of the small prints and neutral shades.” She designed her Bread and Butter collection to do just that for her current and her up and coming lines.

The six small designs in the muted golds, tans, beiges, browns, and grays she loves help to tone down other prints and provide a nice foundation for appliqué. These are definitely must-have neutrals for all of our stashes!”

I think you’ll agree…

A perfect group of neutrals… warm, inviting, and versatile.

My favorite book featuring neutral quilts:


With this book, you’ll find the perfect quilt for all your scraps of left-over background fabric.  Mix in an assortment of “Bread & Butter” prints, and you’ll be well on your way to making a beautiful heirloom quilt, timeless & elegant. Click here.

Or, check out this pretty new kit featuring the “Bread & Butter” fabric collection. Click here.


Simply beautiful.