Friday, May 28, 2010

A “Slice” for the Quilting Life


Coming soon to DCQ: the “Slice” Cordless Digital Design Cutter by Making Memories

One of our favorite “finds” at Spring Market was the “Slice”  digital cutter… this useful gadget opened our eyes to a whole new world of quilting & applique possibilities!

A natural evolution from the Scrapbooking world to the Quilting world… this digital cutter is a wonderful answer for all of the quilters who love the look and creativity of  fusible applique, but aren’t so crazy about the tracing and cutting process.

From garments, to home decor, to memory quilts and more… this handheld digital design cutter can easily cut fabric shapes for fusible applique.

Plus, if you are a scrapbooker, you’ll be able to use the cutter for paper too!

I think it would be great for teachers, or anyone involved in designs for bulletin boards or poster boards.  Click here for project ideas….

Hmmm… looks like the quilting projects haven’t been added yet… but I’m sure those will soon follow… “Slice” was just introduced to the quilting world this past weekend.  We watched a demo and it cut fabric (adhered to fusible web) effortlessly!

In my mind, the “Slice” will be perfect for making letters and floral applique motifs, and I plan to test it on a T-shirt quilt for my nephew’s high school graduation gift.

We’ve ordered our own unit for in-store/at-home use, and my scrapbooking sister-in-laws are itching to get their hands on it.

Click here  for a video showing how to cut fabric dye-cuts with the “Slice”.

Click here for a video showing the useful hands-free accessory kit, and a little more about how the unit works.


Here’s a photo album showing assorted design cards:

My favorite features:

  • can be used with fabric adhered to fusible web OR paper
  • a wide variety of motifs are available, with the starter set including two design cards (Basic Elements & Basic Elements Pink), plus many additional design cards currently available, with more to come
  • designs can be adjusted to a variety of sizes, or mirror image, increasing versatility
  • Making Memories will donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale of the Pink SLICE™ to help aid in the fight against breast cancer.

Our distributor is currently showing a delivery date in mid-June, and I’ve added the starter set (shown above), and a number of useful accessories to the website (Click here).

You’ll notice the “Slice” unit & all of the accessories are currently marked below MRSP.  However for a limited time, use this coupon code: dcqslice

And receive free shipping on all orders that include the Slice: "Think Pink" Cordless Digital Design Starter Set (MRSP $220, DCQ price $174.00).   As long as the starter set is in your cart, you’ll receive free shipping on your entire order.

Please note: Coupon code expires  Monday, June 7th.

Due to popular demand, we cannot promise an exact delivery date. We will allocate units first come, first serve.  Everyone who orders will eventually receive a unit, but exact delivery date cannot be guaranteed.

One last thing… consider DCQ’s “Slice” Bundle (click here). 

This combination is bundled at special pricing, and includes the items I think would be especially useful.

  • MRSP for the items is $383.20.
  • DCQ price for the items (purchased separately) is $320.88.
  • Bundle price is $295.00... nearly $90 off the MRSP! Plus, free shipping!
  • Bundle includes:
    (1) Slice starter set, (1) Hands-free accessory set, (1) Think Pink Bag, (1) Think Pink Tool Kit, plus two packages of  Slice fusible web.

Shop for Slice at DCQ by clicking here.

Questions?  Visit the product website by clicking here.