Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Blog Follower?

Hi .  After today’s newsletter, I’ve had a couple of inquiries about how to become a blog follower. 

Here’s a very basic explanation of how to do this:

1.)  Look to the left column. Under "About our Family", you'll find a little button that says "Follow" with Google friend connect. Click on that button.

2.) You'll be taken to a page, where you are prompted to sign in, if you already have a twitter account, or a Google/Yahoo account.

3.) If you don't have such an account, there is a little area below that which says, "Create a New Google Account". Click on that, then enter your e-mail address, and a password. You don't enter any billing information, or much of anything personal, other than e-mail address and birthday... and you can certainly lie about your birthdate.

4.) A second page prompts you to create a screen name, and allows you to add an optional photo.

The end result... your screen name with optional photo shows up in the follower list.  I can randomly select you as a Cabin Award winner and send you an e-mail without knowing any of your personal information. It’s up to you whether you follow publically, or privately… but I recommend following publically otherwise your screen name is not visible for Cabin Awards.

It's a means of communicating by e-mail without your e-mail address being posted on the internet.

Hope this helps. Laura