Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag

I went into my sewing room with the goal of cleaning up the mess.

A couple of hours later, I left with three (yes, THREE) finished cell phone bags. 

The place was still a mess… but I had three finished projects!

To start:

One package of Quiltsmart, pre-printed fusible interfacing (found here). 

Includes (3) pre-printed interfacing panels, fusible velcro for 3 bags, and three cords (my package had two brown cords and one red, but I’m not sure if they are all the same).  Current Price: $14.95.


This project is so fun and easy, you won’t believe it.

Interfacing panels look like this.  


Rough-cut a single unit.


Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of desired fabric, cut approximately 6” x width of fabric.


Trim on the dotted lines.


Fuse the velcro into position (clearly marked on interfacing).  Not sure I’m crazy about this fusible velcro… I worry it will come loose.


Stitch cording into position (clearly marked on interfacing).


Fold the project as instructed.  There’s sort of a triple fold technique, to create the flap, and two pockets.


When correctly folded, the bag looks like this.  Stitch on solid lines as clearly marked, leaving a hole to turn right side out. The interfacing is marked with words like “START”, “STOP”, “LEAVE OPEN TO TURN”.



Then carefully turn the bag right-side out, and gently press.  Top Stitch.  Stitch a decorative button on the flap.



Two pockets, one for cards or a key, the other for the phone.  Doesn’t look too bulky, or overstuffed with phone inside.

qsb10 qsb11

More fabric scraps.  A little more time.  Two more finished bags.


Flap can have rounded, or squared off corners.  Bag on the left is my favorite.  My two nieces will love these. I’d like to find a different button for the bag on the right.  I think it needs more contrast.  Maybe purple?

qsb13 qsb14

Hooray!  I love these!

In celebration of this fun project, two Cabin Award winners next week will receive one packet of Quiltsmart,  and three scraps of fabric from my stash for their bags. 

Award value: $14.95 plus some really great fabric!