Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cabin Award Winner: January 31, 2009

Congratulations to Tamera Svanes!

You are the lucky winner of this week’s cabin award: a “Bye-Bye Baby Quilt patchwork quilt kit with backing & pattern. Regular price: $37.00 plus $8.00 pattern.  Currently on sale at for $33.30 plus pattern.

Please send an mail to Laurie-Ann at with your mailing address, and she'll help you redeem your reward.

The next cabin award winner will be announced Sunday, February 7th.  The lucky winner will receive a “Miranda Day Bag” pattern (Retail Value: $9.00) plus a pair of Clover U-Shape designer bag handles (Retail Value: from $10.50 to $15.50, depending on style).  Also, part of the award, a set of Handy Tabs in the color of your choice, to neatly attach your designer handles to your Miranda Bag.  (Retail Value: $3.00).  

Value of entire award: $24.50- $29.50)

U-Shape Amber,  Bamboo, and Black sell for $10.50

ushapeamber ushapebamboo ushapeblack

U-shape Marble Amber, Ivory, and Marble Brown sell for $15.50


ushapemarbleamber ushapemarbleivory ushapemarbledarkbrown

Handy tabs are available in a rainbow of yummy colors, including:

handytab701 handytab704 handytab702

handytab705 handytab707

And, the “Miranda Day Bag Pattern” is our favorite bag pattern of all time, bar none:


Click here  for our complete collection of all things wonderful for bags!

Can you tell we have been afflicted by the “bagging bug”?  It’s very similar to the “quilting bug”, just a slightly different strain.

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