Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow


Good morning.

We decided to celebrate our niece Tayton's eighth birthday with a special surprise. Last week, we sent her an invitation to the "Annie on Tour" Broadway musical, and told her she could bring two of her favorite people with her. She chose her mom (Wesley's sister), and her grandmom (Wesley's mom). Her daddy had to stay home to look after the cattle. Last night, we spent a magical evening together at the Rapid City Civic Center, taking in the show. It was awesome, amazing, enchanting, & uplifting ... simply wonderful in every way.

This morning, the lyrics to the song "Tomorrow" are still running through my head.
"...Oh, the sun'll come out, tomorrow
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow, come what may
I love ya,Tomorrow!
You're always a day away..."


Along with the optimistic message, the words are also a literal description of our week. Early in the week, actual temperatures dropped to minus 20 degrees F and lower. With the windchill, it was the equivalent of 40 degrees below zero at times. Wow. It was so cold!

Mid-week, the front door to the quilt shop was briefly frozen shut. No, I'm not kidding. When the wind blows just right, the lock and handle mechanism freeze up, and nobody can get in or out. When this happens, Wesley rigs up a work lamp, carefully shining the warmth on the lock, just enough to melt the ice. Then, we're back in business.

He also tries to remember to do this when he locks up for the night, or we can't unlock the door in the morning.

So, it felt like a balmy beach yesterday. At 35 degrees above, it was "shirtsleeve weather." We enjoyed "the perfect day" in Rapid City... shopping, eating out, and then the musical. I've never seen the stores so busy. Everyone was so glad to see the wind die down and sun come out.

Today, it might reach 45 degrees. People will be wearing shorts!

~Note~ Production photos are from
Top photo: Cast of the national tour of Annie. Photo by Peter Coombs 2008
Side photo: Madison Kerth and Mikey in the Annie national tour. Photo by Phil Martin 2009.

Visit the website for more information about the cast, the current tour, and show schedule.