Sunday, January 17, 2010

We’re Cleaning Shop at Dakota Cabin Quilts


Good morning.

As I sit in my cozy kitchen writing this newsletter, Wesley and Laurie-Ann are already hard at work at the shop. They are putting the finishing touches on our online clearance area, updating the website to reflect what we actually have in stock.

As you can probably imagine, it is a lot of fun to receive complete new collections of fabric. We unpack the boxes with a sense of anticipation and excitement, dreaming of the beautiful quilts we'll make with our new treasures.
"That piece would make a perfect outer border... Oh, and there's the perfect background. Ahh... look at that! I want that for my backing!"

Of course, only a small portion of the "quilts in our dreams" ever come to fruition. We simply don't have the time to make everything that we dream about. But, that doesn't stop us from dreaming.

After a relatively slow month for new arrivals (we try very hard to use December as a "catch-up month"... with no major shipments), the next few months will include a flurry of new & irresistible fabric collections.

During her Christmas vacation from college, Lindsey worked hard to anticipate the new arrivals, and many of the collections are already online, but hidden from view. As a result, our online shoppers will be able to see the new merchandise in a timely fashion, rather than waiting for us to get organized.

We also had her work on the clearance area, and she measured over 150 remnants for the "All or None" categories. As many of you know, this is our way of finishing off a bolt of fabric. We carefully measure, fold, and re-price our short bolts at either 30% or 40% off. In exchange for taking the entire piece, customers are rewarded with a low price. We are rewarded with an empty bolt.

Please note: "All or Nones" are sold first come, first serve. We do our best to keep the website up to date, but ask that you check out in a timely fashion, so that we can allot the goods to you. To be specific, if you place a one of a kind item in your shopping cart, and don't check out for a number of hours, there is a good chance that somebody else will have completed their order for the same item in the meantime. I'm not trying to encourage "speed shopping"... but just gently reminding you that putting an item in your cart is not the same thing as buying it :)

In addition to the "All or Nones", we also tidied up the remainder of the clearance area, adding new items and deleting some that were no longer available. Although the task isn't nearly as fun or inspirational as working with the new arrivals, it is refreshing and cleansing. Just like cleaning a pantry or a closet, we procrastinate a bit, finally dive in, then feel a sense of accomplishment when it's done.

I updated the "Cut Goods" category this morning, with the newest fat quarter bundles, charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes, and honey buns from Moda.

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The photo at the top of this newsletter shows the new "Whimsy" collection by Fig Tree Quilts, and this photo shows Holly Taylor's newest group, "Lakeside Retreat". We'll be getting both complete collections in the weeks to come, so the arrival of the charm packs & bundles caused great excitement at the shop.

In fact, Gayla pronounced the "Whimsy" charm pack as "the most appealing collection of fabrics she's seen in quite some time." And, she's seen a lot of fabric collections come and go in the time she has worked at the shop. When I told her that quote might end up in the newsletter, she laughed, and made me promise to tell you that she thinks a lot of our other fabrics are really pretty too

Have fun shopping!