Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Good morning.

Sorry for the late newsletter today, but things aren't quite going according to plan. The phrase "The good, the bad, and the ugly" sums it up nicely.

Easter Sunday morning, I broke my hand opening a heavy metal door. Needless to say, the bulky splint does nothing for my sewing ability. The good news... it was my left hand, I'm right-handed, my pain is now minimal, and my friendly occupational therapist made me a nice custom splint that can be removed so I can wash my hand. And type. (Okay, okay, she didn't recommend typing, but I think it's good exercise for my fingers).

Last night, as I was working on updating the website, I accidentally deleted a large portion of the online menu. The merchandise was still there, you just couldn't see it...
I said a few bad words, shed a few tears, and then got to work fixing my mistake. The good news... I worked most of the night restoring the data, and in the process cleaned up a lot of unnecessary and redundant categories. It was a painful process, and is not yet complete, but with a little polish I think it will be better than before.

That said, please e-mail me if you locate obvious errors as you browse the catalog (categories where they clearly don't belong... thread in the rulers, etc.)

Wesley is in Huron, SD, for the bi-annual SDQG retreat, and reports that things are going really well. He'll be home late tonight, and Matthew & I both looking forward to seeing him. Matthew is convinced that there are many things that Daddy does better than Mommy can, and to be honest, he is right.

In addition to our own shop samples, Wesley is traveling with a stack of beautiful quilts from Holly Taylor, including the "Season of Migration" throw shown in this image. We can't Eileen & Sherri Falls (This & That) enough for sending us so many pretty quilts to use during this busy month of quilt shows. Click here to view the Migration fabrics & quilt kits.

Next weekend, Wesley & Laurie-Ann will be at the Swiftel Center in Brookings for the "April Showers bring Quilted Flowers" spring show. Wesley has entered some of his quilts in the show, and we'll have a vending booth full of beautiful merchandise. The show is open 9-5 on Saturday, and 10-4 on Sunday. Click here to visit their website.

Before the website crisis, I accomplished a lot in the online catalog. I spent Thursday & Friday at the shop, doing computer work, as our helpful staff measured & organized dozens of new "All or Nones", and rearranged the displays to make room for bolts & bolts of new spring arrivals. Essentially, we worked with a "Spring Cleaning" approach... tidy up the remnants, scrap piles, & orphan bolts, so the new arrivals can blossom & inspire.

Moving forward with spring in my step, a smile on my face, and my hand carefully protected to avoid any more freak accidents...