Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whimsicals: What’s inside the books?

Online shopping is great when you know what you’re looking for.  But, nothing replaces the experience of standing in a quilt shop, touching the fabrics, admiring the sample quilts, and leafing through new pattern books.  We try to include as much information as we can in our online product descriptions, but sometimes it helps to have a secondary photo. 

Thanks to Terri Degenkolb, talented quilt designer, and author of the “Whimsicals” books and patterns, I’m able to show you these beautiful medley photos, detailing the projects featured in each of her books.

Note: we are currently able to cut kits for the projects from “If Quilts Could Talk”, as these feature her newest fabrics.

If you fall in love with a project from one of her previous books, please e-mail us and ask if we can provide a custom kit.  Because all of Terri’s designs feature her signature style, we can often use current fabrics for any of her patterns, within reason.  However, custom kits from previous books will be made with the current fabric group, rather than the prints shown in the photos.

ifquiltscouldtalkwhimsicals whimsicalsifquiltscouldtalkbook


cabinfeverwhimsicals cabinfeverbook

companionswhimsicals companions

pumpkinsandspicewhimsicals  pumpkinsandspicebook

serendipityprojects serendipity

Click here to see our current selection of Terri’s patterns, books, and her new fabric collection “Heart & Soul”.

Click here to visit her awesome website.