Saturday, April 10, 2010

Whimsicals: Folk Art/Traditional with Warmth & Style


Hand dyed wool.  Perle cotton & embroidery floss.  Mixed textures.  Traditional piecing, occasionally adorned with a touch of  appliqué.  Beautiful fabrics in soft, warm colors.   Hardwood floors polished to a beautiful patina.  Fresh baked bread with apple butter.  When I think of  “Whimsicals”, my quilter’s heart feels happy.

We welcomed the arrival of the new “Heart & Soul” collection by “Whimsicals” this week.  This is our third collection from this amazing designer, Terri Degenkolb.  Many shoppers enjoyed her previous “Choco-latte” and “Snow Wonderland” groups.

“Heart & Soul” is a delightful continuation of her design style, self described as “somewhere between Folk Art & Traditional”.  I find her fabrics, books, and patterns beautifully cohesive and warm.  Single bolts don’t “jump off the shelf & grab you”.  But, when scrappy pieces are mixed, something magical happens.  Whimsical projects appear gently aged or weathered.  I cannot think of a better way to make a house look like a home.

We’ll be offering at least two quilt kits using the new fabric collection:

whimsicalsflutterby quiltstalkwhimsicals

Flutterby: available as an individual pattern, click here. For kit, click here.

Quilts Talk: found in the new book “If Quilts Could Talk”, click here.  For kit, click here.

We were excited to add the new book to our “Whimsicals Book Shelf”, and also ordered Terri’s new“Best of” book, “Reminiscing”, published by Kansas City Star Quilts.

“Popular quilt designer and author Terri Degenkolb offers “a mix of primitive and folk art, with a healthy dose of tradition thrown in” in this collection of Whimsical quilt projects. Terri shares personal observations of what inspired her imaginative quilts and projects. Her variety of styles, rich textures and unique touch will add a welcoming feel to your home.” ~ Kansas City Star Quilts

whimsicalsifquiltscouldtalkbook reminiscingwhimsicals

The “Whimsicals” page has been updated…  click here to check it out.

To learn more about Terri & her design company, visit her website by clicking here.