Saturday, March 29, 2014

Molly’s Wren’s Friends

Well, it seems I’m on a roll with the bright & cheerful fabric choices.

I fell in love with Thimble Blossom’s “Juggle” quilt pattern a couple of months ago, and actually bought the Moda Honeycombs in the Happy Go Lucky collection shown on the pattern cover.  I’ve started that version, and I do love it.  “Happy Go Lucky” is very crisp, retro, and looks great in this pattern.


But…  I kept thinking about the Wren’s Friends prints from Gina Martin.  So friendly.  So cheerful.  So fun.

Wren’s Friends reminds me of the wide-open wildflower meadows in Waterton National Park near my home in Alberta.  Blossoms, birds, leaves, and sprigs…  just a little bit “granola girl!”


Finally, I gave in to the temptation.  I ordered the supplies, and got started!


First, I had to admire the cheerful prints…  The print on brown will be the backing.  It’s an “apron print” (the large scale design is only on half of the width of the bolt… it tapers to a small scale floral on the other half of the bolt.


The quilt was a snap to make.  Basically, off white background triangles are stitched to opposing sides of the honeycomb hexagons. I chain pieced the units.  Wait to clip them apart until after they are pressed (it’s easier!)


I recommend the Clearview 60 degree triangle ruler for cutting the 60 degree triangles (though, you could make a template, the ruler is quick, easy, and very accurate).


A few pieced honeycombs are scattered in for interest.  Each pack of Moda Honeycombs includes the plastic template shown here, so it’s easy to cut the hexagons down to the right size.

Tip: tape the hexagon template to the back of a small acrylic ruler, aligning one of the edges with the ruler edge. Then, lay the aligned edge on your fabric to cut the hexagons.  That way, you won’t slice the edge of the hexagon template with your rotary cutter.

The quilt is assembled in rows.  The top and bottom of each row are finished with off-white honeycombs and 60 degree triangles. In Bismarck, I arranged my rows on my big cutting table:


When I got to Hettinger, I used my design wall, and that worked much better!  I could see every piece, and arrange and rearranged to my heart’s content.

I love my design wall.  It’s big enough for a queen sized quilt (without borders).  Wes made it for me.  It’s great!  If you want to make one for your sewing room, you’ll need a big empty wall.  Then a piece of 108” wide flannel quilt back, some boards, a staple gun, and screws to mount it to the wall. 


As soon as I put the quilt up on the design wall,  I figured out why I love it so much.  It is the perfect quilt for Miss Molly, my precious god-daughter.


She’s wild, she’s free, she sings like a bird, and dances like a diva.  She prefers princess dresses to regular clothing.  When she smiles, she fills my heart with love and happiness. I can’t wait to get this top quilted and snuggle her up in it. It suits her perfectly!




Molly’s Wren’s Friends Quilt Kits now available, here.

Juggle Quilt pattern now available, here.

Clearview 60 degree triangle ruler, here.

Happy Quilting ~ Laura

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