Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring Sprouts: Applique Blocks

To put it simply, I'm in love...

As promised, I started on my Spring Sprouts quilt.  Of course, I had to start with the appliqué blocks. So far so good... look at this!
Spring Sprouts ~ Applique Blocks 1-4
Each block has a paper guide for placement
Silhouettes arranged on background fabric, ready to sew...

But, I am getting ahead of myself.

First, if you are making this quilt, or another one of Edyta's quilts using her handy Silhouettes, I invite you to watch he instructional video, found here.  In 25 minutes, she fully explains the technique.

My simplified version:

Note the dotted lines signify leaves and petals under stems 
Note the criss cross marks the center of the design

Place an applique pressing sheet over paper
Match Silhouettes to the arrangement.
Laser cut, pre-fused, easy... Applique HEAVEN!
Gently press in place, using a warm (not hot) iron.

Press small crease in background at center of square
Gently remove fused shapes and transfer to background fabric

I planned to use my lovely Aurifil threads
for the machine appliqué.
But, after watching Edyta's video
I decided to use invisible thread.

My zig-zag stitching from the back
Aurifil 50 wt in my bobbin
Because of the invisible thread, you'll need extra light.

The front, Invisible thread...  Amazing!

Stormy helps me sew...

So does Sox.
He'd rather be outside chasing rabbits,
but not when it's minus18 degrees F !

Life is good in my sewing room this morning!

Edyta's instructions are great, but I discovered just a few tricks as I learned this technique. 
  • She recommends cutting the background fabric to 9", then squaring up to 8.5".  This give you a little wiggle room so you don't have to have your design perfectly centered on the background.  If I had this to do over again, I would actually cut them at 9.5."  I need more wiggle room!
  • If you are using invisible thread, it's really important to turn down your top tension so that the thread floats and the bobbin thread doesn't pull from back to front.
  • Consider using your acrylic sewing machine table as a light box (watch the video to see what I mean... )  I would have done this, but I don't have a strong enough light to shine thru this background.  I'm going to email Laundry Baskets to see where she got that great little light.
Coming soon... more blocks, plus the pieced stars.

Oh... click here to get your very own Spring Sprouts kit.  Or, check out the other LBQ kits that feature Silhouettes.  

We're almost sold out of Spring Sprouts (2 kits left!)  I'm hopeful we might be able to get more kits from Moda, but I can't be sure 'til they open for business tomorrow am...

Happy quilting! ~Laura